Supporters of Ashton Gardens

SOAG exists to protect, preserve and enhance Ashton Gardens

The Ashton Institute before its removal


About SOAG

 The Supporters of Ashton Gardens is a not-for-profit membership organisation. 


The circle gardens in spring


We exists to protect, preserve and enhance Ashton Gardens, St Annes.

Our Objectives

To rally and encourage support for our purpose through advocacy, promotion and information.
To raise awareness of the importance, benefits and historic significance of Ashton Gardens.
To collaborate with other individuals and organisations to achieve our purpose.
To raise funds for uses in connection with our purpose.
To encourage and involve a broad spectrum of the community in SOAG and its activities.

Our Members

Our members come from a wide range of locations - not just in St Annes, but throughout the world. They are a friendly and welcoming group, sharing a common aim.

The organisation is run by a Committee of about 14 people, all of whom are volunteers.



Through public subscription we funded a leading charity law barristers opinion to show that the Gardens were a charitable gift held in trust for the people of the town. The Charities Commission has written to the Council to remind them of the need to register and regard the gardens as a charitable trust.
We opposed the planning applications that would damage the cultural and historic integrity of the Gardens
Our members worked with the Garden History Society and English Heritage to have the Gardens listed.

We successfully lobbied for the refusal of the first Safeway plan to turn part of the gardens into a car park


Using workers from the Probation Service, and paint supplied by donation, we had the Ashton Institute completely re-painted externally.
The rose garden was completely replanted via donations. We raised over 2,000 for this.
Bulb plantings in the grassy areas have been undertaken

Recent and Current Activities

Restoring the Lord Ashton Monument in the Rose Garden with the help of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund
Researching the history of the Gardens
Publicising the findings of our research
Producing a DVD of the history of the Gardens
Expanding this website to include aspects of the Gardens history
Developing some social activities for members and to help recruit new members.
Supporters of Ashton Gardens 

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